My name is Wolff Podzun and I grew up in the country of Belize.

Computers were just starting to become known in the country when I was a kid and the majority of adults believed that a computer was something for adults only, children should not be allowed to use them.

Thankfully my parents did not have the same beliefs and allowed me to use the computer from a young age.

In my pre-teen years I developed an interest in learning how people were creating all these websites and web applications that I would use on a daily basis which led to me self teaching myself as much as I could in various programming languages.

This curiosity is what began my interest and eventually my love for developing websites.

This led me to the decision to make my move from Belize to Canada where I would attempt to continue learning about making websites.

After completing an Undergraduate’s Diploma in Web Development and Interactive Designs from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, one of the top digital media institutions in North America I have seen success in various fields including Web Development, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.

In graphic design work I have done posters for some of the most well known nightclubs and pubs in Vancouver, Canada and even done a few jobs for companies throughout other parts of the world including well known Australian non-profit organization, Oceans 2 Earth Foundation.

I’ve assisted in some of my past clients in winning various prestigious awards thanks to the hard-work and dedication I put into my Digital Marketing Campaigns (SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing).

In Web Development work I currently reside working for one of British Columbia’s oldest and most known career colleges, Sprott Shaw College, where I currently work as the official Web Developer for their newest venture, Sprott Shaw Language College as well as any future projects they have planned.